Instructor and Researcher of Biblical Languages and Linguistics

I have an avid interest in teaching the languages of the sacred literary texts, and teaching the texts themselves along with their background.  I use a linguistically informed method to interpret the literature. My goal is to form an interpretation based upon a thorough analysis of the language, text and backgrounds related to the text. 

I have a PhD from the University of Manchester where my focus was on the Greek language and on the linguistic problem of verbal aspect, especially in how verbal aspect relates to the Greek Perfect tense-forms.  The forms of linguistics I typically use are corpus linguistics, historical linguistics, and diachronic linguistics. 

I currently teach Greek and Hebrew, and assist students in applying linguistics to several languages.  I am always excited to meet new persons who are either learning biblical languages or teaching them (or both!), and develop friendships.  I also like to maintain long-term discussions with friends over time.