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As summer has arrived, a few more conferences have accepted my proposals to present a paper.  So far, out of 11 proposals submitted, I have presented at two conferences, two more papers are accepted for presentation, six papers were rejected, and one is still pending a decision.  I don't know anything about what is typical for proposal acceptance rate, but I'm pleased so far, in that I will have had at least four opportunities to present at scholarly conferences this year.

I learned a bit more about the proposal process this year, also.  Linguistic conferences that are more general in nature are looking for different things and a proposal than our specific language conferences or Biblical studies conferences.  Several of the linguistic conferences prefer to see data in the abstract of the proposal, as opposed to a summation of arguments and findings, which are expected more typically in other conferences.

I'm trying to keep to my chapter deadlines, while at the same time preparing papers for presentation.  I have picked up more paying work this Spring that seems like it will continue into the Summer.  Balancing my time between paying work and with being a scholar is proving difficult this year.  Even though it places a pressure on the available time for studying, paying work is helpful to me and paying the bills, so that is good.


I recently attended a convention where over a dozen universities were present along with someone in human resources or the head of academics.  I gave each of them my curriculum vitae, cover letter, and business card.  Three of them gave me interviews on the spot.  The rest set my papers to their go-to file, for when they will need someone.  At least one of the heads of academics was quite excited to about my research, and was sending my information to several department heads.