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Since April of this year, I have been continuing to teach in an Adjunct status for a number of institutions. At the peak of Summer, I was teaching 17 different classes. I am more than full-time busy, but not full-time employed. (17 adjunct fees are equivalent to about 1/3 or 1/4 of a salary). So, I am still searching for a full-time position. I have kept my search wide, including traditional New Testament posts and research fellowships where I could pursue further grammatical research. Several positive and negative things occurred. Most of the institutions I applied to did not inform me of their decision, but a good number did this year. I received more rejection letters from jobs that had a far greater number of applicants than had been typical before Covid. I did get one interview this year, so it was not all bad. I have a number of applications currently in process, and am hoping one or more of them are interested, with at least one good fit. (2-3 of these are really sweet!) Additionally, one of the journals to which I submitted an article, also rejected my piece, so I now need to rework it for a different journal. It is important to tailor each article to the journal for which it is intended. The next journal I am sending it to looks promising. I also have a couple other articles and chapters for edited works in various stages of the publication process.

I attended the annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference virtually this Spring. I got to see a number of friends online. I presented a paper this Spring on the pragmatics of the Greek Perfect tense-form. This conference has been a great place for me to present a number of papers over the years. I also work for the Stone-Campbell Journal to coordinate book reviews. From the book assigning, to the reviewers receiving their books, to completed reviews coming in for me to compile, the process has all been much slower this year than usual. The pandemic has affected so many work areas and people that the whole process got bogged down. As more places get used to the "new normal," I am hoping that we can see a speedier turn-around on bits of this process.

My oldest son got married this June. The wedding was beautiful, and so is his bride! This was a time of much excitement in our household, first as we assisted with invitations, and later with booking several of the rooms and the rehearsal dinner restaurant. It was fun seeing the bride's parents again and meeting more of the bride's family. I felt exhausted the week or so after, but everything was great. I have been struggling with being sick a fair amount of the time this year. It seems that I will be sick frequently for several days. The only thing I can figure is that when I had Covid last year, it ruined my defenses to everything else and damaged a lot of me. I finally decided to focus on building up my immunities. It has been really hard to focus on teaching, job hunting, and writing with all the things that are ailing me.  I think we will be learning how to heal from Covid for a long time.

I am still editing my thesis, getting it ready for the publisher. I will be turning it in soon, so I am starting to get excited about that. I saw pictures online of several of my friends who got their theses published. That made me happy. I am also planning to attend the annual ETS, and SBL/AAR this Fall in-person if that is possible. I am hoping the career fairs are operational at both conferences this year, as they weren't last year. This will hopefully give me opportunities to be interviewed and see some jobs offered that may or may not have been advertised. I will be moderating a session in New Testament this year. I am trying to think of ways to get more involved with the various societies related to my discipline.  I am also contemplating several areas to become involved with in biblical theology.  These include the nature of humanity, the communal components of salvation and sanctification, and biblical resources for care of the community.