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Speaking Engagements

What sort of time is needed

For 5-hour formats, I recommend having two one-hour sessions on Friday, two on Saturday, and one final hour on Sunday afternoon or evening.  The exact timing of these should depend on the culture of your church or group.  Some might even prefer to have all five session on one day, it’s really up to your own situation.  I find that the Fri-Sun option spreads the sessions apart enough to give people time to process things so that question-and-answer sessions are more fruitful. 

For 10-hour formats, I recommend starting on one weekend with 3 sessions, then have 1 session per night during the week, and have the final 3 sessions on the second weekend.  This might look like 2 sessions each Saturday, and 1 session each Sun-Fri.  Other combinations that suit your group’s culture are fine as well.

For 40-hour sessions, I recommend having four hours per day for 10 consecutive weekdays.  This allows people to acquire the material fairly quickly and still allows time for working with what was taught.  Another way to organize a 40-hour session is to do 3 hours per day, one day a week for 13 weeks.  This allows working people to be able to something a consistent day of the week, but requires a longer commitment.  This time can be divided differently based on the needs of your group or church, but be advised that timelines that are quite different will require some adaptation of the materials.

I can also prepare single one-hour sessions on any of these topics, but be advised that these are introductory and will not be able to address the issues in detail that are introduced.  These might be best for those who are unsure about what they want me to do.  If this option were preferable, I would come and introduce the kind of thing that I would do in a longer session type.

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