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Speaking Engagements

Who I am

I am a Cincinnati area pastor and biblical scholar who enjoys participating in discipleship all levels to believers and interested persons of all types.  I enjoy teaching the Bible and related subjects to anyone I meet.  I have completed a PhD program where I studied the Greek language in its finer details and I am involved with several of the ongoing debates in Greek grammar.  Through the course of life, I have become aware of a variety of issues that impact and enrich our understanding of the Bible, and I would like to share them with others. 

What I can do

I present materials to audiences that are concerned about how our knowledge of Greek and linguistics impacts our understanding of the Bible.  I present materials either in-person or online to any size group you may have.  Most of my topics fit well in either 5-hour, 10-hour, or 40-hour formats, which are explained in the next section.  Other variations of times are available upon request, but be advised that materials would have to be adapted to fit time schedules that are different.

I have resources that go along with what I present.  Some of these cover the material I am presenting in more detail for those who want to read more.  Other materials would help facilitate the discussion.  I will bring some of my own resources which may be used by anyone attending the event during the break sessions or fellowship time, and I will bring other materials which may be purchased ahead of time if desired.

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