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Professional ​

Academic /Teaching Experience

Professor of Biblical Greek and Hebrew, Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, November 2020 – Present:

  • Taught multiple levels of Hebrew and Greek grammar

  • Taught Hebrew Bible

  • Online Instructor Training for Zoom, Developed Curriculum.

Adjunct Professor, God’s Bible School & College, Graduate, Dec 2022 to Present:

  • Taught Gr 604 Greek Exegesis: Galatians, Fall 2023.

  • Developed Curriculum. Presented lectures, conducted assessment, marked papers.

Visiting Lecturer of New Testament Greek, Nazarene Theological College, September 2020-Present:

  • Taught introductory New Testament Greek NT 5301 and NT 5302

  • Created and conducted assessment, modified the curriculum, prepared students for viva

Teaching Assistant, Nazarene Theological College, September 2017-Present:

  • Graded undergraduate student papers, providing feedback online toward student writing improvement.

  • Moderated grading by other professors, providing feedback toward grading improvement.

Junior Fellow, Manchester Wesley Research Center, 2016 – 2020:

  • Conducted research in Biblical Studies in the Wesleyan tradition

  • Connected linguistic approaches to the examination of Greek texts

Tutor,, Oct 2014 to present:

  • Enhanced student learning of the Greek language, Hebrew language, Linguistics, and World Religions.

  • Employed language learning techniques where helpful for the student.

Bible Teacher, Cincinnati Christian Schools, High School, July 2010 – June 2014:

  • Taught New Testament Backgrounds, Survey of the New Testament, Romans, James, Eschatology, Church History, Apologetics and Comparative World Religions.

  • Marked papers, conducted assessments, presented lectures, mentored students on projects

  • Developed a College Preparatory Curriculum for all Classes.

Guest Lecturer, Cincinnati Christian University, Seminary, Jan 2011 to May 2011:

  • Co-taught BEX-500 Foundations of Biblical Exegesis, Master’s level.

  • Presented lectures, conducted assessments, facilitated projects

Adjunct Professor, God’s Bible School & College, Undergraduate, Aug 2009 to May 2010:

  • Taught Gr 223 Greek IA and Gr 224 Greek 1B for Fall Semester, 2009, and Spring Semester, 2010.

  • Presented lectures, conducted assessment, administered national examination, marked papers.

Teaching Assistant, Cincinnati Christian University, Seminary Department, Aug 2007-Nov 2009:

  • Co-taught BNT 500, Introduction to the New Testament, (Online Version). Adapted Curriculum for use online.

  • Presented lectures and conducted assessment.

  • Taught various traditional in-class sessions for BEX 500, Foundations of Biblical Exegesis; BNT 332, Corinthians; BNT 500, Introduction to the New Testament; and BLA 614, Advanced Greek, Master’s level.

  • Coordinated and edited materials to be published in the Stone-Campbell Journal.









Natural Language Processing







Employment History

  • 2020 – Present; Professor of Biblical Languages, Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

  • 2022 – Present; Adjunct Professor, God’s Bible School & College

  • 2014 – Present;  Biblical Languages Tutor,

  • 2012 – Present; Book Review Coordinator, Stone-Campbell Journal

  • 2020 – 2021Visiting Lecturer of New Testament Greek, Nazarene Theological College

  • 2017 – 2020; Teaching Assistant, Nazarene Theological College

  • 2010 – 2014; Bible Teacher, Cincinnati Christian Schools

  • 2009 – 2010; Adjunct Professor, God’s Bible School & College

  • 2007 – 2009; Professor’s Assistant, Cincinnati Christian University

  • 2007 – 2009; Book Review Coordinator, Stone-Campbell Journal

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Postgraduate:  PhD (Student), in Biblical Studies. Nazarene Theological College, The University of Manchester, UK, 2014 – 2020

Dissertation: “The Verbal Aspect Integral to the Perfect and Pluperfect Tense-Forms in the Pauline Corpus: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis” 2020


Viva defended successfully, March 18, 2020

Degree awarded, April 1, 2020.


Supervisor: Svetlana Khobnya

External Examiner: Dirk Jongkind

Internal Examiner: Todd Klutz


Graduate:  M.Div. in Biblical Studies. Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2005 –  2010

Thesis: “Toward a Balanced Hermeneutic: Creating a Model for Dialogue Between Premodern, Modern and Postmodern Hermeneutical Models,” 2010

Undergraduate:  B.A. in Biblical Studies, God’s Bible School & College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1992 –  1997

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