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Speaking Engagements

What you would need to do

If you are interested in one or more of the materials that I present being delivered at your church or group, please have your pastor or someone in charge of your worship body to contact me.  Different churches have different leadership structures, and it is best if I speak to the most appropriate person-in-charge.  This is most likely the senior minister, or perhaps the chairperson of the board.  If you are an interested group who are not a church per se, then feel free to have your group coordinator contact me instead.  This might include a multi-denominational fellowship, or a study group of some sort. 

Several churches might even get together to host an event, where more people could engage the materials.  This might be the best setting for large fellowship gatherings, or for groups that like to host events where people from multiple churches would attend.  This might be a fun way to have some fellowship around an event as well.

The facility where I would present these materials should be an environment conducive for learning.  I can use a dry-erase marker board or paper block on easel, if the group is small and able to sit fairly close.  If the group is of a considerable size, a microphone and projector would be most helpful.  The attendees should have some table space if they are bringing laptops to the event.  Again, the need for tables is greater for the topics that involve a lot of resources.

How to take care of the speaker

The first thing I would say on this, is to do what you normally would do for travelling speakers that you might host for short time.  If your location is more than a 2-hour drive from my location and you want me to be there in-person, I might need some form of lodging as the drive home each day will be too much.  If this is your first time to invite a guest speaker, don’t worry.  Your person-in-charge and I will discuss with me what is typical for guest speakers.

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